Jupiter in astrology

The physical Jupiter is the fifth planet from the Sun and the largest planet from our Solar system. It has two and a half times the mass of all the other planets of our Solar system combined.

It is the ruler of Sagittarius and Pisces

Jupiter meaning in the horoscope:

– the process of expansion by which we encounter new experiences, a new area of work, a new life experience etc.

– the process of understanding: also by having new experiences, by reading books, travelling, encounter new people etc., we seek to understand, to get wisdom.

– the process of understanding and learning symbolized by Jupiter is different from that signified by Mercury, where is a practical, logical, quick intelligence; the process symbolized by Jupiter is about understanding from a holistic view, to understand how all the system works, to see from a general perspective, to understand life etc. This process is appropriately described by what we call wisdom.  

– another process of Jupiter is about the integration in society, about having a social position and playing an important role in the society; it gives political skills, but also economical aptitudes;

– in natal chart the place of Jupiter symbolize the area where we try to understand, it is an area where we will become experienced and we may give opinions, advises and act like a teacher with students;

– the principles after a person guides her life;

Strengths for people with a dominant Jupiter in their horoscope

– people that like to learn, always expand their knowledge and seek new experiences;

– wisdom, in time people become real sages, teachers that like to learn, talk with others and share their knowledge;

– people that play an important role in society, politicians, business people;

– friendly, sociable people, popularity;

– people with moral principles, people which put ethics before materialism;

– optimism, courage, enthusiasm, hope, people that will always fight for their ideals, no matter what;

Weaknesses for people with a dominant Jupiter in their horoscope

– illusions, they may look for great ideals, targets, but miss the current situation, possibilities, which many times are limited;

– excess, waste, arrogance; 

Weaknesses for people with a weak Jupiter in their horoscope

– don’t have a general understanding of the situation, limited wisdom, may take narrow-minded positions;

– lack of generosity, altruism, benevolence;

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Famous people with a dominant Jupiter in their horoscope

Woody Allen (December 1, 1935 – Sun with Jupiter in Sagittarius).