Mars conjunct Venus

In this article we will present the meaning of the Mars – Venus conjunction, even it is in made in the natal chart, in transit or in synastry. We will also look at the health problems that can be associated with this aspect and at some celebrities that have Mars conjunct Venus in the natal chart.

Mars conjunct Venus is an important aspect for everyone because it is made between two opposed planets with different symbolism.

Mars symbolize a person energy, courage, the force that drives him forward, the energy to fight for his rights. It is a planet symbolized in the past by Ares, god of war. Shows how a person act. Shows the masculinity of a men, and in a women chart shows the type of man that she is looking for.

On the other side, Venus symbolizes the relations, the way a person creates relations and the people with which she has relations. It is a peaceful planet, that seeks to create bonds, not war. In the past was symbolized by Afrodita, god of beauty and love. Shows the feminine qualities in a woman chart, and the type of women he likes, in a man chart.

Even Mars characteristics conduct to individuality, it is a relationship planet because the actions caused by Mars are in relation with the other. The difference from Venus is that Mars seeks relations in order to dominate, to rule the other person.

So we can see that a first conclusion may be that Mars with Venus will ruin the way Venus establish relations (which is her main function) and change that process in more aggressive way of relating, looking to dominate relations, a situation which will soon result in problems. In the same time, activates the area of Venus and makes relations more dynamic, the person more attractive and brings more “color” in the relationships area.

Mars conjunct Venus in the natal chart

If you have this aspect in the natal chart then you really must understand it because it is not a temporary situation, but a permanent one.

First, you must understand that the intensity of the aspects depends of the distance between planets (orb), so the closer they are, the higher their influence. As a general rule, a distance of 0-7 degrees means a very close aspect, then the influence diminishes until 20 -25 degrees distance, after that the influence is at minimum.

Secondly, you must see the sign in which the Mars Venus conjunction takes place. As Venus and Mars rule opposed signs, if the conjunction is in a sign where Mars is strong, Venus will be weak, and vice versa.

If it is in a sign more close to the Mars symbolism, like Aries, Scorpio, Capricorn then the influence of Mars will be higher and the Mars characteristics more obvious. The person is more masculine in manifestation. On the other side, if the aspect is in a sign more close to Venus, like Libra, Taurus, Pisces, then the whole action of the subject takes a Venusian influence and the feminine, artistic pattern is clear.

As a conclusion of the sign placement, it is clear that women are favored to have this aspect in a sign close to Venus, and men to have this aspect in a sign close to Mars.

So, Mars conjunct Venus in natal chart will bring to the native:

  • a special interest for relations, passion, increase the physical aspect of the relations
  • the person actively communicates and relates with others, the relation is always “alive”
  • relations are interrupted by conflicts, peace alternates with war
  • the person is attractive to others, she doesn’t pass unnoticed, popularity (even is a negative one)
  • charismatic personality
  • creative energy, artistic work, especially that work that demands physical activity like: dance, music, acting, TV shows etc.

Mars conjunct natal Venus – in transit

About the transit of Mars over the natal Venus, we can see that it happens at a distance of  2-3 years, and Venus over natal Mars repeats in less than a year. Usually, it is not such an important transit because it don’t last a long time (a week probably) and repeats often.

Secondly, you must see the relation between those two planets that you have at birth. A difficult relation, like opposition, square or conjunction, will make the transit feel stronger and probably, tougher. A good aspect, like trine, sextile or no aspect, will make things easier.

So, transit Mars conjunct natal Venus, will bring in your life:

  • it is a period when you can meet new people
  • increase the interest on the opposite sex, the sexual energy is high
  • if you can’t satisfy this sexual energy, then this may cause conflicts
  • creative energy is great, you can perform artistic action like music, dance, TV

If transit Venus is conjunct with natal Mars, this means:

  • a period when you are very interested in the opposite sex, you will go and look for a partner
  • the aspect is more soften than the previous one, you will be more willing to demand the partner wishes
  • good relations with other people, in general

Mars conjunct Venus in synastry

A synastry is a horoscope of two people made in order to show how is the relation between them, even is love or other type.

When we have Mars conjunct Venus in a synastry, this is the most important aspect because the 2 planets together are the essence of love relations.

We discuss about instant attraction between the 2 people, and it is the aspect most inclined to physical attraction. If it’s a love relationship makes the people involved to love each other, to like each other from the beginning and to feel that “spark” needed in an active relationship.

If it is other type of relation than love, will make the communication strong, and the person involved will like each other.

The person that has Mars involved will play the role of the man, even it’s not in reality, and will make the first step and initiate the relation. He will try to conquer the other and will be the active element. In time Mars will dominate the relation and is possible to disturb the equilibrium of the relation and to create conflict. In general, when problems appear he will try to accuse Venus and this will bring conflicts.

The person that has Venus involved will play the role of the woman and she will try to seduce the other. She know how to attract attention and will surely make Mars notice her. In time, she will try to create equilibrium in the relation and harmony. Of course, Mars periodically will disturb the relation being to impulsive and trying to dominate.

War and love will alternate in this type of relation. Physical attraction started the relation, but it’s not enough to keep it a long time. Mars sustains the relation with his energy, but also brings conflict dominating it. Event it starts fast and with a lot of passion, this relation need equilibrium in order to resist in time. Maybe Saturn in aspect with this conjunction or involved in sysnastry aspects will calm this and keep it for a long term.

First, Mars needs to understand to act more softly and be more careful with the other. Learn how to act without hurting the feeling of the partner, and how to value more the relation. Secondly, Venus must learn how to take action, how to say no, how to not let Mars use her. Letting Mars do what he wants it’s not the way to make this relation work.

Medical astrology: Mars conjunct Venus

In medical astrology Mars is associated with muscles, vitality, mobility, man genitals and hormones. Diseases caused by Mars: fevers, inflammations, hemorrhage, hernia, infections, irritations, accidents, bruising, fractures, tension.

Venus is associated with the female genitals and hormones, womb, reins, bladder, breasts, the venous blood, kidneys, throat. Diseases caused by Venus: affections of the throat and kidneys, venereal diseases, poor circulation of the venous blood, disease caused by sedentary habits, lack of exercises, obesity, tumors, cysts.

Mars conjunct Venus in natal chart or transit can bring health problems like: irritation, inflammation of kidneys, accumulation/infection/hemorrhage of venous blood (in the part of the body where the conjunction takes place), venereal disease, hernia.

Celebrities with Mars conjunct Venus

Bruce Lee (November 27, 1940) -in Scorpio, Al Pacino (April 25, 1940) – in Gemini, Uma Thurman (April 29, 1970) – in Gemini, Kanye West (June 8, 1977) – in Taurus, Carmen Electra (April 20, 1972) – in Gemini, Halle Berry (August 14, 1966) – in Cancer, Amy Winehouse (September 14, 1983) – in Leo, Michael Douglas (September 25, 1944) – in Libra, Naomi Campbell (May 22, 1970) – in Gemini, James Spader (February 7, 1960) – in Capricorn, Keanu Reeves (September 2, 1964) – in Cancer, Paul Allen (January 21, 1953) – in Pisces, Bill Clinton (August 19, 1946) – in Libra, Kobe Bryant (August 23, 1978) – in Libra, Neymar (February 5, 1992) – in Capricorn, Cristiano Ronaldo (February 5, 1985) – in Aries, Ronaldo (September 22, 1976) – in Libra, Mats Wilander (August 22, 1964) – in Cancer, Naomi Osaka (October 16, 1997) – in Sagittarius.