Medical astrology – bone diseases

In medical astrology, the bones (human skeleton) are ruled by Saturn and influenced by Capricorn. The Sun or the Moon in Capricorn signifies the osseous system.

The processes of hardening, crystallization, ossification, bone-building and deposits of mineral substances in the bones are signified by Saturn. The articulations and are also ruled by Saturn. The bones from different parts of the body are associated with the signs which rule those parts.

Saturn weak or afflicted in the natal chart will bring problems in the bones and marrows -weak bones.

Saturn well aspected at birth and not afflicted by Sun or Moon give healthy and robust bonus.

The Sun well placed at birth gives a large, strong and bony body. Mars well placed at birth gives a muscular body.

Bone Diseases indicators in natal chart

Ankles broken, fracture: the Moon, Saturn or Mars afflicted in Aquarius, the Ascendant in Aquarius afflicted

Arms broken, fracture: these are caused generally by Mars or Saturn afflicted in Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo or Sagittarius; Mars afflicted in Gemini or Sagittarius; Saturn conjunct Mars on the Ascendant; Mars afflicted in House 6 or 12; Mercury bad aspected by Mars; the Ascendant in Gemini with Mars or in bad aspect with Mars; Mars or Saturn in mutable signs and especially when the Ascendant is in mutable sign (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces)

Ankylosis:  is caused by Saturn deposits of waste or excess minerals and also by the excess heat of the Sun and Mars over the bony tissues; Saturn in the sign ruling the affected joint tends to dry up the fluids and cause deposits, solidification. Saturn afflicted in Leo or Aquarius tends to ankylosis the spine, Saturn in Capricorn will tend to stiff the knee joint, Saturn in Virgo or Pisces will affect the fingers

Clavicle fracture: caused by Saturn or Mars afflicted in Gemini

Femur fracture: is under the rule of Sagittarius; caused by the Moon afflicted in Sagittarius; Mars afflicted in Gemini or Sagittarius; the 6th house in Sagittarius;

Head, skull: the cranial bones are ruled by Saturn and associated with Aries; the base of the head , the Occipital region is associated with Taurus. Fracture of the skull is caused by Saturn or Mars afflicted in Aries on the Ascendant, or Gemini afflictions. Malformation of the skull is caused by the Sun or Moon on the Ascendant and bad aspected by Uranus or other malefics;

Spine: is ruled by Sun, Neptune and Leo. Injuries to spine are caused by the Sun in bad aspects at birth; Mars or Saturn in Leo afflicted; Mars or Saturn in Virgo – affects the lumbar part of the Spine.

Spondylitis: Pott’s disease – the Sun or Saturn afllicted in Leo; malefics in Leo or Aquarius in bad aspects; the Sun or Moon in 6th house in Leo

Rheumatism: caused by Saturn – ruler of the Ascendant or main significator of chart in bad aspect with the Sun or the Moon

Osteomyelitis (infection of bone): inflammation of the marrow when the part of the body associated is afflicted by Mars; also Saturn or Uranus conjunct Mars in the sign ruling the part;

Transits that may generate bone diseases

Transit or progressed planets may generate of regenerate bone problems for those that have a natal disposition for these type of problems. So, those that had bone problems in the past, can identify future transits that may cause problems. Those planet transits are especially in relation with the natal positions presented in the first part.

As in this matter Saturn is the main significator, you can identify the natal position causing problems and then look for future transits and progression that relate to the natal position

Important transits are:

  • Mars, Saturn or Uranus in transit by conjunction, square and opposition with natal planets that symbolize the disease
  • progressed Sun or Moon in conjunction, square or opposition with with natal planets that symbolize the disease;