Medical astrology – heart problems

In medical astrology, the heart is signified by: the Sun, the Leo sign and the 5th house. As Leo rules the hearth area, the problems may come also from the sign that are in square or opposition: Aquarius, Taurus and Scorpio.

The main planets that cause problems are: Saturn, Mars and Uranus.

In every natal chart, the Leo sign is related with the hearth and the planets that are placed there symbolize different parts of the heart: the Sun rules the structure, Moon rules the functions and liquids,  Uranus rules the valves, Saturn rules the endocardium, Jupiter rules the arteries and left ventricle, Venus rules the veins and right ventricle, Mars rules the muscles.

Heart Disease indicators in natal chart

High pulse: the sun in conjunction or in bad aspect with Mars; the Moon in Taurus in bad aspect with Saturn

Weak pulse: the Moon in Leo or Aquarius in bad aspect with Saturn, the Moon in Aries afflicted, Uranus in Leo or Aquarius

Arteries: disorder of Jupiter affected in Leo

Blood obstructions: Uranus affected in Leo, Saturn in Leo (poor circulation), Saturn conjunct Venus

Enlarged heart: Neptune in Leo afflicted by Uranus, Uranus in Leo, Jupiter, Mars in Leo afflicted

Fatty heart: Jupiter in Leo afflicted by Mars

Heart attack: Sun in Leo or Aquarius afflicted by Saturn, Saturn or the Moon afflicted in Leo, Mars afflicted in Aquarius, many planets in Leo afflicted

Arrhythmias: Uranus in Leo with the Moon, Uranus afflicted in Leo, Uranus on the Ascendant, the Moon afflicted in Leo, Jupiter or Venus in Leo and afflicted by Uranus

Inflamed hearth: problems of hearth of inflammatory nature generated by the Sun afflicted in Scorpio

Leaky valves: Uranus afflicted in Leo or Cancer and especially in the 5th house, Saturn afflicted in Leo due to blood obstruction accumulation and pressure

Malformation of heart: many planets in fixed signs or the 5th house in bad aspects, malefic planets in conjunction in Leo

Myocarditis: Mars afflicted in Leo

Heart palpitations: planets afflicted in Leo or Aquarius, Sun in Leo afflicted by Mars or Jupiter, Sun in bad aspect with Saturn, Uranus conjunct the Moon in Leo, Saturn conjunct Jupiter and in opposition with Venus, Mars in Leo or Aquarius afflicted,

Tachycardia: Uranus afflicted in Leo or Aquarius, Uranus conjunct Moon in Leo, Saturn in Leo in bad aspect with Uranus, Venus in Leo in bad aspect with Uranus

Weak hearth: Saturn in the 5th house, Saturn in Leo afflicted, the Sun in Leo and afflicted by Saturn, the Moon afflicted in fixed signs

Transits that may generate hearth disease

Transit or progressed planets may generate of regenerate heart problems for those that have a natal disposition for these type of problems. So, those that had hearth problems in the past, can identify future transits that may cause problems. Those planet transits are especially in relation with the natal positions presented in the first part.

Important transits are:

  • progressed Sun in conjunction, square or opposition with Saturn, Mars or Uranus;
  • Saturn progressed or in transit in bad aspect with the Sun
  • Mars or Uranus progressed or in transit in bad aspect with the Sun
  • the natal Moon afflicted by Saturn or Mars
  • Mars, Saturn or Uranus in transit in Leo and in aspect with natal planets