Mercury in astrology

The physical Mercury is the smallest planet of our Solar system and is the closest planet to the Sun.

It is the ruler of Gemini and Virgo.

Mercury meaning in the horoscope:

– the mind, reasoning capabilities;

– the capacity to learn;

– the capacity to communicate, our senses, the ability to discover our environment;

– capacity to observe, to make quick connections, to be smart;

– what a person “see” first, the things we look at;

– the ability to work with abstract symbols at different levels in order to learn many foreign languages, advanced math etc.

– the process of mapping the environment in order to find the best solutions. 

Strengths for people with a dominant Mercury in their horoscope

– intelligence, great capacity to learn and also they learn quickly;

– the ability to find quick, practical solutions;

– creativity, spontaneity, improvisation;

– they find a solution in almost any situation;

– the art of compromise, they are good negotiators; sellers.

Weaknesses for people with a dominant Mercury in their horoscope

superficiality, they jump too quickly from one thing to another;

– people who think only about how to act to gain in a certain moment, they don’t see the whole situation or the long term evolution and may act without ethics;

– people which try to impress a lot with words or by their image, but they lack in consistency, or the most important part of what they offer is not as they say; burglars;

Weaknesses for people with a weak Mercury in their horoscope

– difficulties to learn;

– communication problems; people which don’t understand what others want to tell them and which have problems to make others understand what they want to tell;

– reason mistakes, difficulties in choosing the most efficient, practical, simple solution; sometimes people don’t see the simple, big solution who is right in front of them.

Famous people with a dominant Mercury in their horoscope

Andrea Bocelli (September 22, 1958 – Sun, Venus, Mercury and the Ascendant in Virgo), Lech Kaczynski (June 18, 1949 – Sun, Mercury, Mars and the Ascendant in Gemini), George H. W. Bush (June 12, 1924 – Sun in Gemini, Ascendant in Virgo, Mercury at 29 in Taurus).

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