Sabian Symbols in Astrology

sabian symbols

The Sabian Symbols presented below are the original ones, presented in the book Sabian Symbols of Marc Edmund Jones, but the most keywords are my interpretation. The keywords may represent the symbol in a positive or negative way, as the person may live the good or bad part of the same image.

Sabian Symbols for Aries

Aries 1. A woman rises out of water, a seal rises and embraces her. Keywords: initiative, courage, connection with the unconscious realm, receptivity, emotions, harmony, peace, feminine qualities.

Aries 2. A comedian entertaining a group. Keywords:  intelligence, amusement, friendship, social life, friendly attitude, outgoing person, dreamy, not to take life serious, not being materialistic, impulsive, trying to make an impact on others, persuasion, active, entertaining.

Aries 3. A cameo profile of a man in the outline of his country. Keywords: leadership, the power to represent a group, courage, loyalty, nationalism, important social position, the most important people from a country, popularity, social support, masculine qualities.

Aries 4. Two lovers strolling through a secluded walk. Keywords: enjoyment, love, dreamy, looking for the world pleasures, beautiful, attractive, interested in relations, calm, reserved person, looking for self-indulgence, seclusion from the world, subjectivity, fear of social responsibilities, secrets.

Aries 5. A triangle with wings. Keywords: self-fulfillment, skills, equilibrium.

Aries 6. A square brightly lighted on one side. Keywords: experience, activity, transformation, to find the solution after defeats.

Aries 7. A man successfully expressing himself in two realms at once. Keywords: proficiency, able to focus in two places in the same time, versatility, creativity, complete control of events.

Aries 8. A large hat with streamers flying, facing east. Keywords: creativity, unconditioned and complete co-operation, looking for experiences and opportunities.

Aries 9. A crystal gazer. Keywords: the higher faculties of human understanding, occultism, curiosity.

Aries 10. A man teaching new forms for old symbols. Keywords: wisdom, tradition, protecting and improving old knowledge, rectification, progress, generosity.

Aries 11. The president of the country. Keywords: authority, leadership, ruler, rules, order, duty, determination, success, triumph, achievements, power, popularity, social support.

Aries 12. A flock of wild geese. Keywords: freedom, nature, beauty, peace, calm, independence, rejecting the world technology, hard to control, irresponsibility.

Aries 13. An unsuccessful bomb explosion. Keywords: a last minute chance, a chance to solve the problems in the last instance, even then when it seems impossible, passing near a great danger, the victory of good against evil, terrorism, enemies, hidden dangers.

Aries 14. A serpent coiling near a man and a woman. Keywords: revelation, temptation, sin, self-discipline, being aware of both good and evil.

Aries 15. An Indian weaving a blanket. Keywords: security, ritual, defense, courage, energy, to have the means and power to do what you want, confidence, to represent a specific culture, persistence, to keep tradition.

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Fixed Stars placed in tropical Aries

Aries 16. Brownies dancing in the setting sun. Keywords: good fortune, opportunity as direct fruitage of effort, friendly relations, happiness, communication, social attitude, altruism, enthusiasm, love of life, little experience, naivety.

Aries 17. Two prim spinsters. Keywords: divorce, loneliness, seclusion, virtue, distinction or pretense distinction.

Aries 18. An empty hammock. Keywords: a vacation, desire for vacation, for free time which may not come, entertainment, fear of responsibilities.

Aries 19. The magic carpet. Keywords: freedom of spirit, idealistic possibilities, a panoramic view, a broad mind, a good perspective of the whole situation, an unusual person, jokes, happiness, an immature view of life.

Aries 20. A young girl feeding birds in winter. Keywords: protection, generosity, nourishment, the native good qualities of human beings, a character unchanged by the world’s temptations, a chance which comes in the last moment or unexpected.

Aries 21. A pugilist entering the ring. Keywords: courage, motivation, energy, force, action, the desire to prove your qualities, to perform, risks, accidents, quarrels.

Aries 22. The gate to the garden of desire. Keywords: the feeling that you are close to reach your objectives may prove to be real or an illusion, a state of confusion, uncertainty.

Aries 23. A women in pastel colors carrying a heavy and valuable but veiled load. Keywords: the appearance may prove not to be real, something is not as it seems to be, the power to do hard jobs with a smile on the face, courage, skill, cleverness, a person who hides her values, a person who gains fortune in an immoral way.

Aries 24. An open window and a net curtain blowing into a cornucopia. Keywords: good luck, abundance, the good facet of life, materialism.

Aries 25. A double promise. Keywords: insincerity, the desire to do more that is possible, cleverness, relations, sociable person, unreliable person.

Aries 26. A man possessed of more gifts than he can hold. Keywords: good fortune, many qualities, a very gifted person, many qualities which can’t be efficiently used, waste of fortune.

Aries 27. Lost opportunity regained in the imagination. Keywords: the power of mind, conceptual mind, bad luck, naivety, fear of reality, unrealistic person.

Aries 28. A large disappointed audience. Keywords: lack of popularity, the feeling that you are not wanted or you are not acting as you should, courage, power to resist to other people requests, insensitive.

Aries 29. A celestial choir singing. Keywords: faith, veneration, friendship, fantasy, visions, aspirations, drama.

Aries 30. A duck pond and its brood. Keywords: the natural state of things, calm, nothing unusual, peace, resources, simple life.

Sabian Symbols for Taurus

Taurus 1. A clear mountain stream. Keywords: freedom, purity of soul, morality, healthy principles, solitude, a clear situation.

Taurus 2. An electrical storm. Keywords: impulse, energy, action, unstable situation, transformation, making an impact on others, important, impressive events.

Taurus 3. Steps up to a lawn blooming with clover. Keywords: efforts will be rewarded, good luck, creativity.

Taurus 4. The rainbow’s pot of gold. Keywords: great luck, many possibilities, chances, dreams may come true, fortune.

Taurus 5. A widow at an open grave. Keywords: being aware of the impermanence of physical things and life, solitude, sorrow, a mature person, sadness, spirituality.

Taurus 6. A bridge being built across a gorge. Keywords: evolution, progress, courage, intelligence, curiosity, the desire to discover new areas, relations, connections, dangerous life, risk.

Taurus 7. A women of Samaria. Keywords: honesty, spiritual qualities, faith, altruism, a good soul, poverty.

Taurus 8. A sleigh without snow. Keywords: people from outside can see that something is obviously missing, but the subject may not realize that, the person is not in the right place, need for change.

Taurus 9. A Christmas tree decorated. Keywords: a happy, sociable, charming person, very good relations with family, faith, peace, self-satisfaction.

Taurus 10. A Red Cross nurse. Keywords: humanitarianism, ideals, spirituality, dedication to a cause.

Taurus 11. A woman sprinkling flowers. Keywords: sensitivity, love, beauty, deception, high ideals.

Taurus 12. Window – shoppers. Keywords: curiosity, unreliable person, many desires which can’t be realized, sociable, friendly, garrulous.

Taurus 13. A man handling baggage. Keywords: a practical person, power, to depend on another, to help others, politeness.

Taurus 14. Shellfish groping and children playing. Keywords: intuition, being unaware of reality, joy, living in your own world, sincerity, genuine emotions.

Taurus 15. A man muffled up, with a rakish silk hat . Keywords: protection, unconventional person, garrulous, ambitious.

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Fixed Stars placed in tropical Taurus

Taurus 16. An old man attempting vainly to reveal the Mysteries . Keywords: spirituality, unfulfilled ideals, suspicious, experience.

Taurus 17. A battle between the swords and the torches. Keywords: conflict, competition, the eternal struggle between the practical necessities of life and the motives and meanings.

Taurus 18. A woman holding a bag out of a window. Keywords: high personal effectiveness in commandeering the elements of experience for any particular purpose, dissatisfaction with things as they are and complete ineptness in handling them.

Taurus 19. A newly formed continent. Keywords: a new beginning, a different view, new ways to treat the same problem, originality.

Taurus 20. Wind clouds and haste. Keywords: an overview perspective, unstable temper, changeable attitude, intelligence, likes to argue, talkative, critical manner, sharp tongue.

Taurus 21. A finger pointing in an open book. Keywords: attention to details, respect for standards, respect for social standards, a respected person, education, wisdom.

Taurus 22. White dove over troubled waters. Keywords: hope, in a difficult situation one may receive an unexpected help, good news, guidance, love,  difficult relations.

Taurus 23. A jewelry shop. Keywords: focus on the material side of life, luxury, need to be in front, a person who needs attention, need to be appreciated, many qualities, arrogance.

Taurus 24. A mounted Indian with a scalp locks. Keywords: courage, arrogance, power, aggression, strong will, conflicts, people who wants to make an impression, pride, authority, need to command.

Taurus 25. A large well – kept public park. Keywords: society, friends, good time, enjoyment, recreation, collective way of life, social responsibility, good manners, well educated people, games.

Taurus 26. A Spaniard serenading his seniorita. Keywords: love, searching and fighting for love, romance, feelings, adventures, entertainment.

Taurus 27. A squaw selling beads. Keywords: tradition, old spiritual values, ancestry, detachment, the relations between the old values and new ones can be harmonious, wisdom, an invitation to learn from the past.

Taurus 28. A woman pursued by mature romance. Keywords: surprises, love from an unexpected person or love in an unexpected moment, experience, wisdom, romance.

Taurus 29. Two cobblers working at a table. Keywords: cooperation, work, low social position, good friends, capacity to give and receive help.

Taurus 30. A peacock parading on an ancient lawn. Keywords: a proud person, courage, desire to impress, vulgar display, dignity.

Sabian Symbols for Gemini

Gemini 1. A glass-bottomed boat in still water. Keywords: curiosity, a person who can see or reveal hidden aspects of life, a situation which shows a hidden aspect, feelings revealed, intuition, emotions, feelings.

Gemini 2. Santa Claus filling stockings furtively. Keywords: rewards, surprises, abundance.

Gemini 3. The garden of the Tuileries. Keywords: art, beauty, high social position, authority, wealth, grace, luxury, selfishness.

Gemini 4. Holly and mistletoe. Keywords: faith, spiritual life, imagination, ritual.

Gemini 5. A radical magazine. Keywords: trade, exchange of information, intelligence, a person always moving, curiosity, speculation, quarrels.

Gemini 6. Drilling for oil. Keywords: achievements, desires, ambition, wealth, money as the most important resource, new experiences, people who likes to explore, discover.

Gemini 7. An old-fashioned well. Keywords: tradition, purity, integrity, qualities which keep their value in time, unexpected resources can be found, wisdom.

Gemini 8. An industrial strike. Keywords: selfishness, aggression, artificial, performance, progress, war.

Gemini 9. A quiver filled with arrows. Keywords: satisfaction, accomplished work, games, sport, an organised person, preparation, art.

Gemini 10. An airplane falling. Keywords: crisis, an extreme situation, extreme solutions, problems without solutions, quarrels, deceptions, people without control of the situation.

Gemini 11. A new path of realism in experience. Keywords: mobilization of the self’s practical resources for the role it must play in daily living, self-delusion through sheer fantasy.

Gemini 12. A Topsy saucily asserting herself . Keywords: growth, taking advantage of every new situation, dissatisfaction.

Gemini 13. A great musician at his piano. Keywords: art, success, spectacle, public event, popularity, leader, talent, skill, achievements, adulation, self-confidence, joy, maturity.

Gemini 14. A conversation by telepathy. Keywords: unconventional behavior, transcendental experiences, strong connection between two people.

Gemini 15. Two Dutch children talking. Keywords: creativity, potential, communication, immaturity.

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Fixed Stars placed in tropical Gemini

Gemini 16. A woman suffragist haranguing. Keywords: to represent a group, implication, lobby, determination, active social life, indignation, opposition, quarrels, the power to confront the system.

Gemini 17. The head of health dissolved into the head of mentality. Keywords: development, evolution toward spiritual life, transformation, the capacity to pass above the physical needs.

Gemini 18. Two Chinese men talking Chinese. Keywords: being different, support in a difficult situation, communication, co-operation.

Gemini 19. A large archaic volume. Keywords: wisdom, experience, lost knowledge, hidden treasures, unexpected help, calm, quiet, peace.

Gemini 20. A cafeteria. Keywords: living in community, building an efficient system, discipline, organisational skills.

Gemini 21. A labor demonstration. Keywords: opposition, fighting for ones rights, unity, friendship, representation.

Gemini 22. A barn dance. Keywords: joy, happiness, dance, art, relations, love, community, self-indulgence.

Gemini 23. Three fledglings in a nest high in a tree. Keywords: potential, native qualities, development, first steps in life, initiating actions, pioneer work, children, immature person.

Gemini 24. Children skating on ice. Keywords: joy, play, fun, satisfaction, amusement.

Gemini 25. A man trimming palms. Keywords: taking care of the environment, a careful person, honesty, aesthetic sense, calm.

Gemini 26. Winter frost in the woods. Keywords: natural state of things, simple attitude, hidden emotions.

Gemini 27. A gypsy coming out of the forest. Keywords: a new beginning, a new world, feeling like a stranger, new possibilities, opportunities, enthusiasm, social problems, integration difficulties, naivety.

Gemini 28. A man declared bankrupt. Keywords: difficulties, inability to manage a situation, crises, even when everything seems well a disaster can happen, the power to pass over crises.

Gemini 29. The first mockingbird in spring. Keywords: communication, news, intelligence, quickening.

Gemini 30. Bathing beauties. Keywords: charm, relations, sexual desires, free of responsibilities, childish vanities.

Sabian Symbols for Cancer

Cancer 1. A furled and an unfurled flag displayed from a vessel. Keywords: adaptability, uncertainty, duality.

Cancer 2. A man suspended over a vast level place. Keywords: contemplation, comprehension, inability to act.

Cancer 3. A man all bundled up in fur leading a shaggy dear. Keywords: exploration, seclusion, pioneer work, dealing with difficult conditions, self-reliance, stubbornness.

Cancer 4. A cat arguing with a mouse. Keywords: an unexpected situation, defending a position, arguments, justification.

Cancer 5. An automobile wrecked by a train. Keywords: accidents, crises, dispersion, recklessness, risk, courage.

Cancer 6. Game birds feathering their nests. Keywords: protection, emotions, security, safety, tutelage, help.

Cancer 7. Two fairies on a moonlight night. Keywords: hidden happiness, finding the right person is the ultimate goal, the importance of marriage, romance, love.

Cancer 8. Rabbits dressed in clothes and on parade. Keywords: appropriation, fun, tricky, unreliable person.

Cancer 9. A tiny nude miss reaching in the water for a fish. Keywords: innocence, lack of inhibition, curiosity, new experiences.

Cancer 10. A large diamond not completely cut. Keywords: potential, more effort has to be done in order to reach a high level, a promise.

Cancer 11. A clown making grimaces. Keywords: taking life easy, irresponsibility, artistic talent, a friendly person, modesty.

Cancer 12. A Chinese woman nursing a baby with a message. Keywords: a special person who can become important, a “waited” person, potential, unclear events.

Cancer 13. One hand slightly flexed with a very prominent thumb. Keywords: determination, confidence, education, rules.

Cancer 14. A very old man facing a vast dark space to the northeast. Keywords: experience, intuition, dilemmas, transformation, eternity.

Cancer 15. A group of people who have overeaten and enjoyed it. Keywords: able to handle relations with groups, a friendly person, easy to communicate, a happy life, enjoy of life, hard to deal with responsibilities, optimism.

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Cancer 16. A man before a square with a manuscript scroll before him. Keywords: learning, teaching, using intellectual abilities, experience, profundity, wisdom, self – confidence.

Cancer 17. The germ grows into knowledge and life. Keywords: nurture, unfold, high potential, wisdom, to sustain an ideal.

Cancer 18. A hen scratching for her chicks. Keywords: nurture, acting like a mother, protection, courage, sacrifice.

Cancer 19. A priest performing a marriage ceremony. Keywords: strong desire for marriage, fundamental need to have someone close, integrity, spiritual life, right morality.

Cancer 20. Gondoliers in a serenade. Keywords: romance, love, feelings, music, relationships, beauty, dreams.

Cancer 21. A prima donna singing. Keywords: a gifted person, culmination, skill, talent, popularity, charm, artistic abilities.

Cancer 22. A woman awaiting a sailboat. Keywords: confidence in love, often bad luck, dreams.

Cancer 23. Meeting of a literary society. Keywords: style, intelligence, writing, criticism, mass-media, exchange of ideas.

Cancer 24. A woman and two men on a bit of sunlit land facing south. Keywords: inception, an unusual gift for organizing and exploiting the self’s potential.

Cancer 25. A dark shadow or mantle thrown suddenly over the right shoulder. Keywords: destiny, self-expression, leadership, megalomania.

Cancer 26. Contentment and happiness in luxury, people reading on davenports. Keywords: self-indulgence, success, a luxurious life, pleasures, repose, holidays, intellectual occupation.

Cancer 27. A storm in a canyon. Keywords: family quarrels, violence, intensification, verbal disputes, turmoil, aggression, the ability to win in a crisis situation, enjoyment of quarrels.

Cancer 28. A modern Pocahontas. Keywords: genuine spirit, skill, communication, a pleasant person, popularity, intelligence, courage, childish attitude.

Cancer 29. A Muse weighing twins. Keywords: good balance between two situations like reality and over-reality which realizes the integrity of selfhood, equilibrium, intuition.

Cancer 30. A Daughter of the American Revolution. Keywords: courage, break of dependence, independence, leadership, inheritance.

Sabian Symbols for Leo

Leo 1. A case of apoplexy. Keywords: anger, crisis, need for stability, overwhelming potentiality.

Leo 2. An epidemic of mumps. Keywords: infection, uncontrolled situation, over activity, crisis.

Leo 3. A woman having her hair bobbed. Keywords: independence, fashion, exhibition, pride, decision, courage, self-expression, relations.

Leo 4. A man formally dressed and a dear with its horns folded. Keywords: formality, play, game, pictures.

Leo 5. Rock formations at the edge of a precipice. Keywords: crisis, challenging situation, energy, endurance, aggression, risks, courage, self-confidence.

Leo 6. An old- fashioned woman and an up to date girl. Keywords: contrast, creativity, fashion, progress, the gap between generations.

Leo 7. The constellations in the sky. Keywords: wisdom, calm, peace, confidence, something is working perfect, to be admired.

Leo 8. A Bolshevik propagandist. Keywords: activity, manipulation, ideals, good or bad vision, group activities, a convincing person, persuasion.

Leo 9. Glass blowers. Keywords: skill, creativity, art, performance, work.

Leo 10. Early morning dew. Keywords: refreshment, resources, positive attitude, purity, sincerity, optimism.

Leo 11. Children on a swing in a huge oak tree. Keywords: fun, joy, games, simple satisfaction, irresponsibility, delight.

Leo 12. An evening lawn party. Keywords: companionship, social life, friends, fun, naturalness.

Leo 13. An old sea captain rocking. Keywords [seems to be related with Libra 17]: memories, experience, retrospection, maturity, leadership (maybe is not obvious), strength of character, calm, to leave in the past.

Leo 14. The human soul awaiting opportunity for expression. Keywords: courage mixed with fear, desire to live life, to enjoy life, to express yourself, but in the same time precaution and a childish attitude.

Leo 15. A pageant. Keywords: show, demonstration, to act for the public, to be in the center of attention, games, play, an actor.

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Leo 16. Sunshine just after a storm. Keywords: hope, confidence, to recover after a difficult situation, to be in a good position after passing a difficult time.

Leo 17. A nonvested church choir. Keywords: to believe in something, inner faith, to sustain an idea (project) without any personal interest, art, spiritual life, to enjoy groups, community.

Leo 18. A teacher of chemistry. Keywords: education, social position, a person who can be an example, intellectual faculties, rules, authority.

Leo 19. A houseboat party. Keywords: to enjoy life and have fun, to take only the beautiful part of life, a person who hardly accepts responsibilities.

Leo 20. The Zuni sun worshipers. Keywords: spirituality, tradition, faith, to belief in a higher order, naivety.

Leo 21. Chickens intoxicated. Keywords: to be unaware of what is happening, naivety, to act like an immature person, to do everything to achieve your goals, to force yourself too much.

Leo 22. A carrier pigeon. Keywords: intelligence, communication, originality, symbolism, to make yourself useful.

Leo 23. A bareback rider. Keywords: to be a master in whatever you are doing, risk, danger, show, courage, desire for applause.

Leo 24. An untidy, unkempt man. Keywords: originality, the others are not so important, to respect your own rules, to neglect your appearance.

Leo 25. A large camel crossing the desert. Keywords: strength, courage, persuasion, persistence, the power to resist a long time in a difficult situation, to overcome from an impossible situation, to have reserves, a good character, an example.

Leo 26. A rainbow. Keywords: hope, good news, spectacle, to pass a difficult situation.

Leo 27. Daybreak. Keywords: a beginning, genesis, enthusiasm, potential, a promise.

Leo 28. Many little birds on the limb of a large tree. Keywords: happy attitude, ideas, intelligence, communication, relations, adaptability.

Leo 29. A mermaid. Keywords: fantasy, creativity, feelings, dreams, inspiration.

Leo 30. An unsealed letter. Keywords: confidence, a secret, suspicion, protected information, communication, abilities for writing, a problem of reliance.

Sabian Symbols for Virgo

Virgo 1. A man’s head. Keywords: maturity, integrity, leadership, respect, social responsibility, a clear vision about life, able to take decisions, vanity.

Virgo 2. A large white cross upraised. Keywords: spirituality, symbols, social life, to impose a set of values in front of a group of people, rules, mystery.

Virgo 3. Two angels bringing protection. Keywords: hidden help, unseen protection, you really can say that “someone up there loves you”.

Virgo 4. A colored child playing with white children. Keywords: pure soul, genuine person, good intentions, naivety, differences/racism doesn’t matter.

Virgo 5. A man dreaming of fairies. Keywords: imagination, to run from the real world, hopes may not become reality, folklore.

Virgo 6. A merry-go-round. Keywords: pleasure, joy, games, cyclic experiences, routine.

Virgo 7. A harem. Keywords: fighting with many people for the same objective, sexual desires are strong, jealousy, power, display of power, ambition.

Virgo 8. First dancing instruction. Keywords: to learn, to develop a skill, talent, art, to teach, to assist, a friendly attitude, to establish relations, to cooperate.

Virgo 9. A man making a futurist drawing. Keywords: talent, art, poetry, intuition, originality, creativity, the ability to “see”, anticipate the future.

Virgo 10. Two heads looking out and beyond the shadows. Keywords: transcendental powers of comprehension, the inner and outer facets of reality are merged in the effectiveness of judgment, intelligence, the ability to understand both sides in every given issue.

Virgo 11. A boy molded in his mother’s aspiration for him. Keywords: to try to meet the expectations, to become what another person or the society wants for you, even you succeed you may realize that is not what you want, to achieve a good social position.

Virgo 12. A bride with her veil snatched away. Keywords: purity, good intentions, honesty, sincerity, secrets and lies won’t stand, courage, personal ideas are more important than the society rules.

Virgo 13. A strong hand supplanting political hysteria. Keywords: personality, powerful social position, the ability to bring order even in an anarchic society, an organised person, leadership, a decision maker.

Virgo 14. A family tree. Keywords: tradition, heritage, the family history is important, to analyze deeply every issue.

Virgo 15. An ornamental handkerchief. Keywords: aesthetic instinct, artistic skill, charm, fine personal manners, educated and polite person.

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Virgo Sign

Fixed Stars placed in tropical Virgo

Virgo 16. An orangutan. Keywords: a symbol of evolution, the intellectual abilities are most important in this picture, civilization, education, brain can make the difference.

Virgo 17. A volcano in eruption. Keywords: too much energy, maybe you are not using your resources in the most efficient way, uncontrolled behaviour, expansion, great potential.

Virgo 18. An ouija board. Keywords: spiritual experiences, superstition, intuition, the feeling that there is more that the material world.

Virgo 19. A swimming race. Keywords: competition, contest, the desire to be the best in whatever you are doing, natural behaviour, sincerity, honesty.

Virgo 20. An automobile caravan. Keywords: social life can become exhausting, you are looking for vacation and time to relax, ready for new experiences.

Virgo 21. A girls basketball team. Keywords: courage to confront old habits, traditions or ideas, competition, someone underestimated can surprise the audience, the issue of equal rights may become actual.

Virgo 22. A royal coat of arms. Keywords: authority, social power, strong desires, conflict, fights, fortune.

Virgo 23. An animal trainer. Keywords: order, organisation, rules, education, evolution, a person who wants to impose her ideas, patience.

Virgo 24. Mary and her white lamb. Keywords: a good heart and pure soul, honesty, peace, friendship, an innocent person, faith.

Virgo 25. A flag at half-mast. Keywords: respect, sacrifice, social recognition, somber attitude/life, reputation.

Virgo 26. A boy with a censer. Keywords: to learn, to work, to integrate, real/fake faith, dedication to a cause.

Virgo 27. Grande dames at tea. Keywords: social recognition, to succeed in career, to respect the social rules, experience, maturity, to enjoy life at a high level, a sophisticated person.

Virgo 28. A bald-headed man. Keywords: personality, dominance, competence, rigid control of others, experience, maturity.

Virgo 29. A man gaining secret knowledge from a paper he is reading. Keywords: mystery, to have more than average information, advantage, wisdom, curiosity, an inquisitive person, chance, discovery.

Virgo 30. A false call unheard in attention to immediate service. Keywords: responsibility, the ability to distinguish important from insignificant problems, concentration, integrity.

Sabian Symbols for Libra

Libra 1. A butterfly made perfect by a dart through it. Keywords: self-expression, art, perfection, durability, a valuable creation which won’t lose her value in time, harmony.

Libra 2. The light of the sixth race transmuted to the seventh. Keywords: evolution, to achieve a new level, vision, promises, progress, connection with the past, the relation with the ancestors may be emphasized, history.

Libra 3. The dawn of a new day, everything changed. Keywords: focus on adaptability, you may feel like a stranger, you are not in your “natural” environment, a matter of integration, surprises, the situation may change radically over night.

Libra 4. A group around a campfire. Keywords: group experiences, social activity, friendship is important, relations, communication.

Libra 5. A man teaching the true inner knowledge. Keywords: wisdom, maturity, education, peace, calm, value, modesty, respect, integrity.

Libra 6. The ideals of a man abundantly crystallized. Keywords: success, dreams may become reality, to dream, to plan.

Libra 7. A woman feeding chickens and protecting them from the hawks. Keywords: protection, feelings, house, family, a person dedicated to help weaker people, fight, conflicts.

Libra 8. A blazing fireplace in a deserted home. Keywords: something is missing from the picture, things are not as it should be, loneliness, efforts in vain, inefficiency.

Libra 9. Three old masters hanging in an art gallery. Keywords: wisdom, experience, completeness, art, value, skill, talent, heritage.

Libra 10. A canoe approaching safety through dangerous waters. Keywords: precaution, danger, obstacles may appear but can be avoided, some people grudging against you, victory can be obtained with a little attention.

Libra 11. A professor peering over his glasses. Keywords: rules, order, to learn, to supervise an activity, to be controlled, sometimes is hard to meet the expectations.

Libra 12. Miners emerging from a mine. Keywords: responsibility, to accept difficult conditions, relief, to pass a difficult situation, strength of character.

Libra 13. Children blowing soap bubbles. Keywords: games, fun, joy, childish behavior, time to relax, experiencing new activities, curiosity.

Libra 14. A noon siesta. Keywords: recuperation, satisfaction, pause, reward of effort, involvement in ephemeral affairs, laziness, disinterest in life.

Libra 15. Circular paths. Keywords: repetition, some experiences seems to come again and again, “deja vu” feeling.

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Fixed Stars placed in tropical Libra

Libra 16. A boat landing washed away. Keywords: challenge, spectacle of the natural forces, frustration, inaction, solitude.

Libra 17. A retired sea captain. Keywords: the presence/involvement in life is not pregnant, reserved attitude, maturity, solitude, wisdom, acting like a experienced person, a good adviser.

Libra 18. Two man placed under arrest. Keywords: the person must act responsible, mistakes will be paid, a feeling of guilty, secrets, attention to the consequences of your actions, good relations with others.

Libra 19. A gang of robbers in hiding. Keywords: antisocial actions, secretive actions, to act in groups, intelligence.

Libra 20. A Jewish rabbi. Keywords: wisdom, deeper understanding of others, receptivity, social life, warm attitude, tolerance, dedication to a cause.

Libra 21. A crowd upon the beach. Keywords: friendly attitude, social life, easy life, to enjoy life, relations.

Libra 22. A child giving birds a drink at a fountain. Keywords: optimism, friendly relationships, sensible soul, creativity, good intention, naivety.

Libra 23. Chanticleer. Keywords: optimism, initiative, to send a signal, basic integrity, dignity, good voice, courage, fearless self- affirmation.

Libra 24. A third wing on the left side of a butterfly. Keywords: illimitable potentiality, distinctiveness, originality.

Libra 25. Information in the symbol of an autumn leaf. Keywords: wisdom, experience, creativity, imagination, symbols, to find the meaning, to understand life at a profound level.

Libra 26. An eagle and a large white dove turning one into other. Keywords: adaptability, able to face very different situations, creativity, duplicity.

Libra 27. An airplane hovering overhead. Keywords: calm, reserved attitude, reflection, maturity, wisdom, an over-all view of the world, good judgment, peaceful attitude, able to avoid crises.

Libra 28. A man in the midst of brightening influences. Keywords: responsiveness, friends who can help, let others influence you, relations.

Libra 29. Humanity seeking to bridge the span of knowledge. Keywords: wisdom, experience, desire for achievements, knowledge, to seek knowledge, knowledge used for the human well – being, global interest.

Libra 30. Three mounds of knowledge on a philosopher’s head. Keywords: wisdom, knowledge, great power of comprehension, intellect.

Sabian Symbols for Scorpio

Scorpio 1. A sight-seeing bus. Keywords: curiosity, enthusiasm, courage, friendliness, socialization, to expect new experiences, to take advantage from opportunities.

Scorpio 2. A broken bottle and spilled perfume. Keywords: sophisticated character, drama, sensual attitude, strong desires, relations are important, love relations can end up bad, crisis.

Scorpio 3. A house – raising. Keywords: solidarity, teamwork, cooperation, proactive attitude, useful activity and ideas, ideals which become reality, respect, honor.

Scorpio 4. A youth holding a lighted candle. Keywords: spirituality, confidence, true contact with inner and transcendental realms of reality, naivety.

Scorpio 5. A massive, rocky shore. Keywords: stubbornness, tenacity, stabilization, conservatism, resistance, firmness of personality.

Scorpio 6. A gold rush. Keywords: materialism, ambition, initiative, courage, independence, risk, irresistible desire for money.

Scorpio 7. Deep-sea divers. Keywords: deep experiences, to seek the most dramatic and intense experiences in a relationship, involvement, psychological abilities.

Scorpio 8. The moon shining across a lake. Keywords: love, romance, feelings, imagination, magic, release, harmony, peace.

Scorpio 9. Dental work. Keywords: effort to repair things, service for others, support, to help, science, education, friendship, practicality.

Scorpio 10. A fellowship supper. Keywords: fraternity, friendship, distinction, honor, respect.

Scorpio 11. A drowning man rescued. Keywords: a crisis may end up well, accidents, to help, to save a person from a difficult situation.

Scorpio 12. An embassy ball. Keywords: display, power, high social position, formality, to represent a group, social respect, privilege.

Scorpio 13. An inventor experimenting. Keywords: creativity, intellectual abilities, resources, cleverness, a different way to think.

Scorpio 14. Telephone linemen at work. Keywords: communication, information, news, work, duty, responsibility.

Scorpio 15. Children playing around five mounds of sand. Keywords: simplicity, ingenuity, naivety, relations, purity, integrity.

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Scorpio Sign

Fixed Stars placed in tropical Scorpio

Scorpio 16. A girl’s face breaking into a smile. Keywords: harmony, peace, good relations with others, friendship.

Scorpio 17. A woman the father of her own child. Keywords: family responsibilities, strong involvement in the family life, courage, attitude, masculine behaviour.

Scorpio 18. A woods rich in autumn coloring. Keywords: fulfillment, success, ideals, achievements, rewards.

Scorpio 19. A parrot listening and them talking. Keywords: education, intelligence, to integrate, to meet the expectations, to try, to use your resources efficiently.

Scorpio 20. A woman drawing two dark curtains aside. Keywords: courage, to dare, to investigate, suspicious person, to search/to show hidden events/facts.

Scorpio 21. A soldier derelict in duty. Keywords: expectations of others are not met, undisciplined person, to disobey orders, deviation.

Scorpio 22. Hunters starting out for ducks. Keywords: courage, to fight to achieve your goals, to be aggressive, to have an advantage over others, action.

Scorpio 23. A bunny metamorphosed into a fairy. Keywords: imagination, creativity, transition, transformation.

Scorpio 24. Crowds coming down to mountain to listen to one man. Keywords: wisdom, inspiration, honour, a famous person, intellectual skills, recognition, authority.

Scorpio 25. An X ray. Keywords: investigation, power of analysis, criticism, technology, progress.

Scorpio 26. Indians making camp. Keywords: family, protection, resources, emphasis on the practical side.

Scorpio 27. A military band on the march. Keywords: courage, responsibility, duty, honour, dangers, loyalty.

Scorpio 28. The king of the fairies approaching his domain. Keywords: imagination, vision, outer realities, self-indulgence.

Scorpio 29. An Indian squaw pleading to the chief for the lives of her children. Keywords: courage, sacrifice for family, feelings, love for family, persuasive person, drama.

Scorpio 30. The Halloween jester. Keywords: humor, popularity, entertainment, spontaneity, to hide under a mask, to present a happy face to the world, ambition.

Sabian Symbols for Sagittarius

Sagittarius 1. A Grand Army of the Republic campfire. Keywords: courage, honor, respect, to represent, to help, communication, friendly attitude, memories.

Sagittarius 2. The ocean covered with whitecaps. Keywords: restlessness consciousness, irritability, emotionally unstable person, powerful energy.

Sagittarius 3. Two men playing chess. Keywords: strategy, wisdom, intelligence, to calculate your actions, authority, discipline, concentration, confrontation.

Sagittarius 4. A little child learning to walk. Keywords: to learn, education, to achieve, to help, protection, to sustain, to integrate, to face new situations.

Sagittarius 5. An old owl up in a tree. Keywords: wisdom, experience, tact, respect, calm.

Sagittarius 6. A game of cricket. Keywords: elegance, fair play, challenge, competence.

Sagittarius 7. Cupid knocking at the door. Keywords: love, romance, relations, a friendly person, love may appear unexpected.

Sagittarius 8. Rocks and things forming therein. Keywords: composition, roots, foundation, inner side of a person, hidden existence.

Sagittarius 9. A mother with her children on stairs. Keywords: protection, evolution, progress, family, education.

Sagittarius 10. A golden-haired goddess of opportunity. Keywords: protection, good fortune, support from others, reward, confidence.

Sagittarius 11. The lamp of physical enlightenment at the left temple. Keywords: wisdom, reconciliation, experience, to search for knowledge.

Sagittarius 12. A flag that turns into an eagle that crows. Keywords: representation, ideas become actions, groups, to promote an idea or to create a group.

Sagittarius 13. A widow past’s brought to light. Keywords: to reveal secrets, gossip, to offend people, rectification.

Sagittarius 14. The Pyramids and the Sphinx. Keywords: culture, wisdom, education, erudition, values that last forever, a stable and powerful personality, principles.

Sagittarius 15. The ground hog looking for its shadow.Keywords: to search, to predict, to foresee, symbolism, intelligence, to try to anticipate, skill. reassurance, timidity.

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Fixed Stars placed in tropical Sagittarius

Sagittarius 16. Sea gulls watching a ship.Keywords: opportunity, intuition, to help, to ask for privileges and rewards.

Sagittarius 17. An Easter sunrise service.Keywords: religion, spirituality, immortal values, purity, sacrifice.

Sagittarius 18. Tiny children in sunbonnets.Keywords: innocence, immaturity, happiness, friendship.

Sagittarius 19. Pelicans moving their habitat.Keywords: wisdom, integrity, harmony, change, evolution, transformation.

Sagittarius 20. Men cutting through ice.Keywords: will, ambition, strength, organisation, to find solutions when it seems impossible.

Sagittarius 21. A child and a dog with borrowed eyeglasses.Keywords: false image, confusion, immaturity, superficiality, play, joy.

Sagittarius 22. A Chinese laundry.Keywords: utility, practical attitude, work, new culture, foreign experiences.

Sagittarius 23. Immigrants entering.Keywords: experiences in foreign countries, broad vision, opportunities, to leave natal places, to be different, to be like a stranger.

Sagittarius 24. A bluebird standing at the door of the house.Keywords: luck, rewards, unexpected opportunity, fortune, happiness, to enjoy life.

Sagittarius 25. A chubby boy on a hobby horse.Keywords: luxury, self-indulgence, pleasure, easy life, good social position.

Sagittarius 26. A flag-bearer.Keywords: symbol, to represent a group, to sustain an idea, courage, respect, sacrifice.

Sagittarius 27. A sculptor.Keywords: vision, ideas, plan, creativity, skill, determination.

Sagittarius 28. An old bridge over a beautiful stream.Keywords: maturity, immortal values, experience, stability, dependence, connection, memories.

Sagittarius 29. A fat boy moving the lawn.Keywords: to help, to try to be useful, determination, ambition, to be rejected, some people may not accept you as you are.

Sagittarius 30. The Pope.Keywords: religion, respect, very powerful social position, leader, spirituality, influence.

Sabian Symbols for Capricorn

Capricorn 1. An Indian chief demanding recognition. Keywords: leader, courage, social position, ambition, determination, tenacity, fidelity, a simple world, lack of sophistication.

Capricorn 2. Three stained-glass windows, one damaged by bombardment. Keywords: memories, past problems, melancholy, sensibility, to hide a dramatic event, moral values, honor.

Capricorn 3. The human soul receptive to growth and understanding. Keywords: education, compliance, innocence, fecundity, prosperity.

Capricorn 4. A party entering a large canoe. Keywords: unity, friendship, desire to explore, curiosity.

Capricorn 5. Indians rowing a canoe and dancing a war dance. Keywords: action, aggression, courage, mobilization, to try to create an image to impress someone, primitive attitude.

Capricorn 6. A dark archway and ten logs at the bottom. Keywords: difficulty, dangers but also resources, mystery, competence or fear of experiences.

Capricorn 7. A veiled prophet of power. Keywords: vision, experience, wisdom, mystery, power, potential, confusion.

Capricorn 8. Birds in the house singing happily. Keywords: happy, joy, music, friendship, family, fortune, accent on the artistic side of life.

Capricorn 9. An angel carrying a harp. Keywords: purity, innocence, spirituality, fantasy, hope, faith.

Capricorn 10. An albatross feeding from the hand. Keywords: protection, family, to help, to nurture, friendship, warm feelings, to forgive.

Capricorn 11. A large group of pheasants. Keywords: refinement, luxury, aristocracy, to be proud, to expose values, to display.

Capricorn 12. A student of nature lecturing. Keywords: science, intelligence, study, to communicate, to explain, to think, to be realistic.

Capricorn 13. A fire worshiper. Keywords: spirituality, mystery, enthusiasm, to believe in ideas, creativity.

Capricorn 14. An ancient bas-relief carved in granite. Keywords: art, skill, value, foundation, work is a creation which will last long time.

Capricorn 15. Many toys in a children’s ward of a hospital. Keywords: abundance, rewards, to care, to be sustained, to solace.

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Capricorn 16. Boys and girls in gymnasium suits. Keywords: friendship, joviality, optimism, loyalty, competition, fair play.

Capricorn 17. A girl surreptitiously bathing in the nude. Keywords: feelings, passion, intimacy, courage, femininity.

Capricorn 18. The Union Jack. Keywords: dignity, honor, protection, to represent, respect.

Capricorn 19. A child of about five with a huge shopping bag. Keywords: maturity, materialism, responsibility, potential, ambition.

Capricorn 20. A hidden choir singing. Keywords: art, skill, faith, worship, peace, kindness, purity.

Capricorn 21. A relay race. Keywords: teamwork, sport, ambition, determination, cooperation.

Capricorn 22. A general accepting defeat gracefully. Keywords: honor, experience, maturity, dignity, fall after victory.

Capricorn 23. Two awards for bravery in war. Keywords: dignity, recognition, bravery, courage, leadership.

Capricorn 24. A woman entering a convent. Keywords: maturity, the power to choose, inner spirituality, faith, solitude.

Capricorn 25. An oriental rug-dealer. Keywords: commerce, to make profit, relations, profitable ideas, tradition, originality.

Capricorn 26. A water sprite. Keywords: opportunity, ideals, success, spontaneity.

Capricorn 27. A mountain pilgrimage. Keywords: honor, respect, spirituality, action, determination, perseverance, integrity, harmony.

Capricorn 28. A large aviary. Keywords: community, society, service, welfare, materialism, pragmatism.

Capricorn 29. A woman reading tea leaves. Keywords: superstition, occult, vision, to foresee, intuition, tradition, naivety.

Capricorn 30. A secret business conference. Keywords: power, diplomacy, convention, interest, materialism, plan, control, opportunity, selfishness.

Sabian Symbols for Aquarius

Aquarius 1. An old adobe mission. Keywords: durability, stability, symbolism, heritage, tradition.

Aquarius 2. An unexpected thunderstorm. Keywords: inventiveness, creativity, anger, ambition, determination, change, surprise, accident, choleric person.

Aquarius 3. A deserter from the navy. Keywords: rebellion, defiance, irresponsibility, independence, coward attitude.

Aquarius 4. A Hindu healer. Keywords: spirituality, medicine, therapy, wisdom.

Aquarius 5. A council of ancestors. Keywords: wisdom, patience, integrity, conservatism, representation, leader, respect.

Aquarius 6. A performer of a mystery play. Keywords: subtlety, occult, to send a message, art.

Aquarius 7. A child born of a eggshell. Keywords: regression, potential, essentiallity.

Aquarius 8. Beautifully gowned wax figures. Keywords: superficial display, reputation, the image is more important than the content, sociability.

Aquarius 9. A flag turned into an eagle. Keywords: representation, ideas become actions, groups, to promote an idea or to create a group.

Aquarius 10. A popularity that proves ephemeral. Keywords: image, superficiality, change/reversal of situation, crisis after success, relations, social life.

Aquarius 11. Man tete-a-tete with his inspiration. Keywords: intuition, inspiration, originality, intelligence, ideas, solutions.

Aquarius 12. People on stairs graduated upwards. Keywords: evolution, reward, groups, common experiences, competition.

Aquarius 13. A barometer. Keywords: intuition, indication, analyse, to foresee, to “feel” what is coming next, to estimate, sense of observation.

Aquarius 14. A train entering a tunnel. Keywords: efficiency, development, precision, utilitarianism, evolution.

Aquarius 15. Two lovebirds sitting on a fence. Keywords: friendship, love, charm, romance, happiness.

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Aquarius 16. A big-business man at his desk. Keywords: chance, fortune, social power, respect, administration, leadership, ambition, efficiency, success.

Aquarius 17. A watchdog standing guard. Keywords: attention, perspicacity, strength, aggressive attitude, suspicion, unfriendly instincts, loyalty.

Aquarius 18. A man unmasked. Keywords: hidden actions/traits/thoughts will be revealed, to reveal the truth, lies won’t stand for long, self-betrayal.

Aquarius 19. A forest fire quenched. Keywords: to save the situation in the last moment, to help, relief/relaxation after effort, social responsibility.

Aquarius 20. A big white dove, a message bearer. Keywords: to bring news, communication, intellectual abilities, a good message, inspiration, fortune, skill.

Aquarius 21. A woman disappointed and disillusioned. Keywords: bad news, disappointments, others don’t meet your expectations, frustration.

Aquarius 22. A rug placed on a floor for children to play. Keywords: entertainment, pleasure, fun, protection, family, comfort, recreation, leisure.

Aquarius 23. A big bear sitting down and waving all its paws. Keywords: determination, force, courage, to be manipulated, to try to satisfy others not yourself, to do what others ask.

Aquarius 24. A man turning his back on his passions and teaching from his experience. Keywords: to learn from experience, to have the power to make a change, a “problem maker” person may become an example.

Aquarius 25. A butterfly with the right wing more perfectly formed. Keywords: uniqueness, to overcome obstacle/handicap, to turn deficiency in an advantage.

Aquarius 26. A hydrometer. Keywords: analyze, science, to count, to learn, to study, efficiency, realism.

Aquarius 27. An ancient pottery bowl field with violets. Keywords: romance, tradition, love, happiness, good intentions, hospitality, morality.

Aquarius 28. A tree felled and sawed. Keywords: work, realism, provision, plan, strategy, organisation, technique.

Aquarius 29. Butterfly emerging from chrysalis. Keywords: transformation, evolution, creativity, ideas, creation.

Aquarius 30. The field of Ardath in bloom. Keywords: revival, energy, life, optimism, friendship, fortune, healthy situation, happiness.

Sabian Symbols for Pisces

Pisces 1. A public market. Keywords: community, social life, compassion, commerce, friendship, meetings, ideas, intelligence, opportunities.

Pisces 2. A squirrel hiding from hunters. Keywords: fear, threat, caution, independence, conservatism, intelligence, perspicacity.

Pisces 3. A petrified forest. Keywords: troubles, difficult experiences, immobility, sacrifice, exhausted soul.

Pisces 4. Heavy traffic on a narrow isthmus. Keywords: obstacles, hard work needed in order to achieve success, stress, challenges, too many fight for the same objective, competition, inability to find solutions..

Pisces 5. A church bazaar. Keywords: community, philanthropy, friendship, opportunities.

Pisces 6. Officers on dress parade. Keywords: courage, honor, to feel proud, honesty, friendship, discipline, responsibility, respect.

Pisces 7. A cross lying on rocks. Keywords: strength, solitude, courage, high ideals, independence.

Pisces 8. A girl blowing a bugle. Keywords: enthusiasm, leadership, expressive person, sincerity, friendship, entrepreneurial spirit.

Pisces 9. A jockey. Keywords: competition, ambition, agility, perspicacity, skill, elegance.

Pisces 10. An aviator in the clouds. Keywords: high ideals, confidence, courage, originality, solitude.

Pisces 11. Men seeking illumination. Keywords: spirituality, faith, an inner sense that the material world is not everything, intuition, wisdom.

Pisces 12. An examination of initiates. Keywords: spirituality, religion, in order to achieve wisdom one must pass many obstacles/experiences, rules, order, evolution.

Pisces 13. A sword in a museum. Keywords: example, personality, history, sacrifice, courage.

Pisces 14. A lady in a fox fur. Keywords: ambition, social power, selfishness, cruelty, hypocrisy, dignity, satisfaction, to be admired.

Pisces 15. An officer preparing to drill his men. Keywords: leadership, order, rules, determination, preciseness, efficiency, challenges, respect, recognition.

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Pisces 16. The flow of inspiration. Keywords: intuition, inspiration, artistic skill, creativity, confidence, to find solutions, open-minded.

Pisces 17. An Easter promenade. Keywords: celebration, social life, display, to request attention.

Pisces 18. A gigantic tent. Keywords: privacy, secrets, hidden activity, organisational skills, circus – excitement, risk, entertainment, amusement.

Pisces 19. A master instructing his pupil. Keywords: education, knowledge, help, order, rules, initiation, mentoring, respect.

Pisces 20. A table set for an evening meal. Keywords: familiarity, protection, resources, abundance, conversation, good relations.

Pisces 21. A little white lamb, a child and a Chinese servant. Keywords: diversity, friendship, innocence, diffusion.

Pisces 22. A man bringing down the new law from Sinai. Keywords: authority, spirituality, religion, ideals, intuition, inspiration, to bring something new, to represent a group, to establish a new order, to be seen as a providential person, respect, honour.

Pisces 23. Spiritist phenomena. Keywords: spirituality, magic, sensitivity, instability, confusion.

Pisces 24. An inhabited island. Keywords: unfriendly, alien, expansion, opportunity, independence, a new beginning, seclusion, privacy, solitude.

Pisces 25. The purging of the priesthood. Keywords: reformation, evaluation, judgment, integrity, spirituality, religion.

Pisces 26. A new moon that divides its influences. Keywords: to divide, to split, a new beginning, differences, feelings, romance.

Pisces 27. A harvest moon. Keywords: family, feelings, romance, energy, activity, achievements, to reach apogee, productivity, abundance.

Pisces 28. A fertile garden under the full moon. Keywords: abundance, fertility, luck, protection, rewards, materialism.

Pisces 29. A prism. Keywords: tolerance, different points of view, accuracy, creativity, intelligence.

Pisces 30. The Great Stone Face. Keywords: ideals become reality, vision, ambition, wisdom, good principles, creation will last a long time.