Saturn conjunct Moon

In this article we will present the meaning of the Saturn Moon conjunction, even it is in made in the natal chart, in transit or in synastry. We will also look at the health problems that can be associated with this aspect and at some celebrities that have Moon conjunct Saturn in the natal chart.

Saturn conjunct Moon it is an important aspect for everyone because it is made between two very different planets.

The Moon symbolizes our inner state, our family, feelings, our mood and is a warm and sensible planet. In order to develop all the process signified by the Moon, we need a warm, calm, nurturing environment, like the one in Cancer (that’s why Moon is in domicile in Cancer).

On the other side, Saturn symbolizes the exterior, the society and social rules. It is a cold planet, a tough one, and request discipline, order, sustained effort, endurance.

As you can see those two planets are really different, so the conjunction between Moon and Saturn it is a difficult one, and may generate some problems until you learn how to deal with it. After you live some of the experiences generated by this aspect and understand what effort requests from you, then you can deal with it and see the qualities and strengths than will come.

Saturn conjunct Moon in the natal chart

If you have this aspect in the natal chart then you really must understand it because it is not a temporary situation, but a permanent one.

First, you must understand that the intensity of the aspects depends of the distance between planets (orb), so the closer they are, the higher their influence. As a general rule, a distance of 0-7 degrees means a very close aspect, then the influence diminishes until 20 -25 degrees distance, after that the influence is at minimum.

Secondly, you must see the sign in which the Moon Saturn conjunction takes place. If it is in a sign more close to the Moon symbolism, like Cancer, Taurus, Pisces, then the influence of Saturn will be more painful, because for the Moon it will be really hard to adapt to this influence. On the other side, if the aspect is in a sign more close to Saturn, like Capricorn, Libra, Virgo, then it will be more easy for the two planets to accommodate each other, because Moon is already used with the saturnine features.

So, Saturn conjunct Moon in natal chart will bring to the native:

  • a cold childhood, where the nurturing process of the family is affected, the child doesn’t feel the usual warmth that should be in a normal family, more rules than feelings, a difficult relation with the mother, mother may disappoint
  • financial difficulties may be present in childhood
  • loneliness, the feeling that nobody cares for him/her, depression
  • it creates, especially in childhood, an atmosphere of strict morality, nobody can express free and has to show what the society asks
  • strict dogmatic views are present, religious or other type
  • sober, reserved, difficulty in emotional expression, shyness, melancholy

In the same time, with all these difficulties involved in his early life, the child learns to be responsible earlier than his friends, develops a sense of duty, learns to work harder than others and, in a sense, will think that he is the only one responsible for what will come. Will not expect to be helped by others. In adulthood, it may participate in humanitarian causes.

For men can be an aspect that brings difficulties in relations with women.  It is hard for him to express feelings or to be romantic. Probably, he will attract women that are have saturnine traits, older than him and tend to be dominant in the relation. He may experience disappointments from the women he meets. In the final, he can achieve true emotional independence.

For women can represent an aspect that make them to self depreciate, they don’t have a good opinion about their femininity. Feel of rejection make them to not be able to express freely. It can bring chronic health problems. After some difficult experience, she can become that sort of “independent women”, business women that can lead other people and is not dependent of men, marriage or feelings.

Saturn conjunct natal Moon – in transit

About the transit of Saturn over the natal Moon, we can see that it happens at a distance of  28-30 years. Also, you experience similar aspects at every 7 years, when Saturn makes square or opposition with your natal Moon. The aspect will feel for a long period, this means  from 1 to 2 years.

First, to understand this transit, you must see in which sign is the natal Moon, and the experience will be different as we saw earlier at the natal conjunction chapter.

Secondly, you must the relation between those two planets that you have at birth. A difficult relation, like opposition, square or conjunction, will make the transit feel stronger and probably, tougher. A good aspect, like trine, sextile or no aspect, will make things easier.

So, transit Saturn conjunct natal Moon, will bring in your life:

  • a period where you may experience loneliness, solitude, depression, guilt
  • you will have problems in expressing your feelings, you will become more distant from your family and other close people
  • people close to you may experience health problems, or you will be separated from them
  • it is a good period for profession, you can work hard and even isolate in what you are doing
  • you become self critical, you try to achieve the greatest standard

For women, it is a period when they can feel rejected, not appreciated. They are not sure about themselves, they don’t feel attractive anymore. Medical problems can appear.

For men, it will be a period which can make them become distant from the feminine in their life (women, mother, family). They are experiencing problems in relations.

Saturn conjunct Moon in synastry

A synastry is a horoscope of two people made in order to show how is the relation between them, even is love or other type.

When we have Moon conjunct Saturn in a synastry, this a very important point that should be well understood in order to help the relationship. Because, as you found out from above this will bring problems.

The person that has the Moon involved will feel restricted and not appreciated. What she loves and feels natural to do will be almost rejected by the other, or saw like a childish attitude, something which is not proper to do. This will make the person with the Moon unable to express naturally and will stop her developing the true self in  front of the other. Because she feels that is not accepted, appreciated.

This creates distance between people, solitude, and stops the relation from evolving.

The person that has Saturn involved is reluctant to become too close, he knows that he is not so flexible in the area where the Moon wants to enter. He is cautious and tries to avoid moments when they become to familiar. Too cover his weakness, he will start to criticize the Moon and make her to feel unnatural.

It is a really difficult aspect in a love relation, but it can be learned and worked out if the connection between people is strong. This can be testified by other aspects that are present in synastry. If the relation is not strong by other aspects, it will be impossible to live with this aspect in a love relation.

On the other side, if this aspect is well controlled, it can prove a point that will strengthen the relation on long term.

For a professional relation this can be a good aspect in order to respect the other person (Saturn), to see it like a mentor, to listen him.

Medical astrology: Saturn conjunct Moon

In medical astrology Saturn is associated with chronic disease, stoppages, retention, stagnation, depression, the aging process, bones disease, fractures, mineral deposits, skin.

Moon is associated with the lymphatic system, absorbent vessels, fluids, glands of the body, female functions, belly, digestive activity, emotions, epileptics, sedentary habits.

Saturn conjunct Moon in natal chart or transit can bring health problems like: skin disease, insomnia, digestive troubles, weak digestion, infirmities, malformation, deposits of uric acid, for women tendency to obstruct the menses.

Celebrities with Saturn conjunct Moon

George Clooney (May 6, 1961) -in Capricorn, Meghan Markle (August 4, 1981) – in Aries, Andy Murray (May 15, 1987) – in Sagittarius, Anne Princess Royal (August 15, 1950) – in Virgo, Sophia Loren (September 20, 1934) – in Aquarius, Liza Minelli (March 12, 1946) – in Cancer, Gloria Estefan (September 1, 1957) – in Sagittarius, Silvio Berlusconi (September 29, 1936) – in Pisces, Bob Dylan (May 24, 1941 ) – in Taurus, Jay Leno (April 28, 1950) – in Virgo.

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