Saturn – Pluto cycle in astrology

Saturn – Pluto is a cycle of 33 years characterized by:

– represents a process of crisis, transformation, destruction of the current system, authority figures or institutions; sabotage;

– deeply forces, archetypes find real people, institutions to manifest and try to control the world, often by destruction and violent means; eruption of the collective unconscious;

– the conflicts generated are based much more on feelings, emotional issues than a conflict generated by Uranus with Saturn, for example; the aspect may symbolize that disregarding ones religion, civilization, way to live, values, culture may generate anger and lead to war soon or later; the issue of persecutor and persecuted;

– fight for domination, control, power;

– wars, which usually break out at the conjunction and opposition;

– cataclysmic events.

Saturn – Pluto current cycle

  1. 1982 – 2020, 28 Libra – first conjunction on 8 November 1982

General delineation

The current Saturn – Pluto cycle (chart of the cycle is the picture below) has the following characteristics:

– it seems to be connected with the oil issue, and with the Middle East, as an instrument to dominate the world;

– terrorist activity of the Islamic fundamentalists is an issue of this cycle, as a reaction to the dominating position of the United States and its allies;


a)    First conjunction (1981 – 1983) – Saturn conjunct Pluto in Libra

– The Iran – Iraq war started (1980 – 1988) started just before this cycle

– support for the Talibans by the United States in the war against Russia in Afghanistan;

– support for the Iraq by the United States and other countries in the war against Iran;

– The Falklands War (1982) was a conflict between United Kingdom and Argentina; the oil reserve near the island could be an important reason of the interest for this area.

b)    First square (1992 – 1994) – Saturn in Aquarius square Pluto in Scorpio

– the war in Yugoslavia began (1991 – 1999)

– the terrorist bombing attack of World Trade Center from 1993;

c) Opposition (2001 – 2003) – Saturn in Gemini opposes Pluto in Sagittarius
– The September 11 terrorist attacks were a series of four suicide attacks that were committed in the United States on September 11, 2001, coordinated to strike the areas of New York City and Washington, D.C.; it a reversal of the beginning of the cycle when USA supported the Talibans against Russia, terrorism was seeded by the USA military help given to Islamic militants in Afghanistan in 1983;
– in October 2011, the War in Afghanistan (2001 – present) began, as a response after the 9/11 events;
– terrorism became a global problem and serious measures were taken to protect against that threat which could come from anywhere; it was also a war related with religious problems, as the terrorists are mainly Islam fundamentalists;
– the Iraq War (2003 – 2011) started in 2003 with the invasion of the United States and United Kingdom in Iraq, which claimed that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction, but they found nothing; critics say that they looked for connections with terrorism and tried to control a country with important oil reserves;
– economic recession;

d)    Second square (2009 – 2011) – Saturn in Libra square Pluto in Capricorn

– one of the deadliest earthquakes in history (over 230.000 deaths) took place in Haiti, Port-au-Prince, on January 12, 2010

Saturn – Pluto former cycles:

  1.  1947 – 1982, 13 Leo – first conjunction  on 11 August  1947

– The Cold War;

a)    First conjunction (1947) – Saturn conjunct Pluto in Leo

– the beginning of The Cold War;

– secret services are formed and develop in a more powerful way; CIA is formed in 1947;

– influence of Europeans in Asia is decreasing after India indepedence (1947)

– the People’s Republic of China was established

b)    First square (1955 – 1956) – Saturn in Scorpio square Pluto in Leo

– The Suez Crisis (1956 – 1957) between Israel, United Kingdom, France and Egypt;

– The Hungarian Revolution of 1956 against the government and his Soviet policies was crushed by the communists;

c)    Opposition (1964 – 1967) – Saturn in Virgo opposes Pluto in Pisces

– Uranus was conjunct Pluto in the same period;

– the Vietnam war (1955 – 1975) escalates as Lyndon B. Johnson became president of the United States;

– the Civil Rights Movement (1955 – 1968), mainly symbolized by the conjunction of Uranus and Pluto in Virgo, led by Martin Luther King, creates effects which change the system;

– the Six-Day War (1967) was the Third Arab-Israeli War, between Israel and the neighboring states of Egypt, Jordan and Syria.

d)    Second square (1973 – 1975) – Saturn in Cancer square Pluto in Libra

– Fourth Arab–Israeli War (Yom Kippur War), was fought from October 6 to 25, 1973, between Israel and a coalition of Arab states led by Egypt and Syria; the war led to a oil crisis as was followed by a Arab Oil Embargo;

– the 1973 – 1974 stock market crash along with the oil crisis generated the worst economic period from The Great Depression;

  1.  1914 – 1947, 2 Cancer – first conjunction  on 4 October  1914

– From World War I to the Cold War, the destruction of an old order and the beginning of a new one;

– the replacement of the empires and countries which dominated Europe in 1914 with new powers, USA and USSR in 1947;

a)    First conjunction (1914 – 1916) – Saturn conjunct Uranus in Cancer

– World War I began, empires fall, alliances changes, a new order will begin

– the rise of the archetype of Pluto, deep, unknown desires appear; racial war;

– the Republic of China was formally established on 1 January 1912 on mainland China following the Hsin-Hai Revolution

b)    First square (1922 – 1923) – Saturn in Libra square Pluto in Cancer

– the economic crisis after the war, social and political unrest; rises of extremism and other people, groups which want to get absolute power;

– The March on Rome was a march by which Italian dictator Benito Mussolini’s National Fascist Party came to power in the Kingdom of Italy (1922)

– coup d’état in Spain (1923) orchestrated by Miguel Primo de Rivera

– Constantine I after Greece lost the Greco-Turkish War of 1919-1922

c)    Opposition (1930 – 1932) – Saturn in Capricorn opposes Pluto in Cancer

– The Great Depression started, the economic conditions were very bad and deteriorating;

– Hitler Nazi Party rises and came to power in 1933;

– the Japanese invasion of Manchuria (1931), which occupied this area until the end of World War II

d)    Second square (1939 – 1941) – Saturn in Taurus (Aries) square Pluto in Leo (Cancer)

– The World War II began in September 1939, with Saturn square Pluto and Mars triggering the aspect from an opposition with Pluto and square with Saturn;

– the final phase of the cycle which began with The World War I.

    4. 1179 – 1211, 29 Gemini – first conjunction  on 12 May 1179

a)    First conjunction (1178 – 1180) – Saturn conjunct Pluto in Gemini

b)    First square (1185 – 1187) – Saturn in Libra square Pluto in Cancer

c)    Opposition (1195 – 1196) – Saturn in Capricorn opposes Pluto in Cancer

d)    Second square (1203 – 1205) – Saturn in Taurus (Aries) square Pluto in Leo

– the siege of Constantinople by the crusaders which captured the city on 12 April 1204; it was a religious battle, between the Catholic and Orthodox Christians; it represented the final point of the Great Schism;

   5. 1147 – 1179, 26 Taurus – first conjunction  on 6 May 1147

a)    First conjunction (1146 – 1148) – Saturn conjunct Pluto in Taurus

   6. 1115 – 1147, 27 Aries – first conjunction
on 27 May 1115

a)    First conjunction (1115 – 1116) – Saturn conjunct Pluto in Aries

    7. 1083 – 1115, 25 Pisces – first conjunction  on 19 May 1083

a)    First conjunction (1083 – 1084) – Saturn conjunct Pluto in Pisces

    8. 1051 – 1083, 14 Aquarius – first conjunction  on 28 January 1051

a)    First conjunction (1050 – 1052) – Saturn conjunct Pluto in Aquarius

    9. 1015 – 1051, 13 Sagittarius – first conjunction  on 25 December 1015

a)    First conjunction (1014 – 1016) – Saturn conjunct Pluto in Sagittarius