Simona Halep Astrology Chart – Doha title

Simona Halep is born on 27 September 1991 in Constanta, Romania. We don’t know the hour of birth, so will use 12:00 hour and Solar houses.

Simona Halep astrology chart

The birth chart will look like this:

Astrology aspects in Simona Halep chart

– she has a Sun – Mars conjunction in Libra, a good aspect for a sportive, even it’s in Libra and that causes some problems; we will see more about this other time;

– Venus, the ruler of the Sun, is well places in Leo; gives interest in sport and games; creativity also;

– Mercury is very well in Virgo and in a large conjunction with Jupiter, but very well aspected; takes quick decisions, very smart, can use very intelligent the surface of the tennis field; skill in hands;

– I think Mercury and Jupiter in Virgo are some key points in her sport performance and we will analyze those positions in the future.

 Simona halep Transits at the Doha final

At the time of this Doha final (16.02.2014) she is placed on the 10th place WTA.

Now, we will see the astrology transits that will be at the start time of the final: 16.02.2014, 18:00 local time (15:00 GMT), Doha, Qatar.

About the transits that we see in the chart, I think we can make some observations:
– the Moon is in Virgo, and I consider this a strong statement for a win, as I said before that I think the planets in Virgo are key positions in her tennis career;

– she will be calculated, concentrated and will succeed to realize what she plans;

– another important aspect is the Ascendant which is placed almost exactly on Jupiter at the beginning of the final, which clearly is a good sign;

– the time when the Ascendant will be on the Moon I think will be decisive and possible very good for Simona Halep and that will be at 18:50, so approximately after 50 minutes in game;

– we can also see here the Moon in transit as a connecting point between Mercury and Jupiter, as it’s on the midpoint of those two planets; that clearly enhances the conjunction and makes those planets work better together;

– it can manifest as very good control in the game, very accurate hits and very good solutions that will be found by Simona in game;

– another good aspect is at 19:40 when the Ascendant will be on Mercury. If the game will be over by then, it is possibly to be a moment of communication or when she will receive the trophy!

Angelique Kerber, her opponent, don’t have any planets in Virgo, she has Venus in Pisces at 3 degrees, which will be on the descendant at the beginning of the match. I think it’s a bad sign. Also she has Mercury in Aquarius, and Mercury is retrograde right in Aquarius, which is also a bad point that could lead her to take some wrong decisions during the game.

As a conclusion, we can see that the aspects show a good match and a win for Simona Halep.

Update after the match:

– Simona won the first set at 18:44, with the Ascendant on the Moon; everything worked as we anticipated until now;

– Simona won the match at 19:19! Great match!

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