A chart with Sun conjunct Neptune

Sun conjunct Neptune in astrology

I know it sounds strange, but, usually, the events generated by this aspect are not normal at all! And are suggesting something like a privileged relation with another world, a capacity to communicate (usually uncontrolled) with something… different than our material world. The range of manifestations (presented in books) is compounding features like spiritual, religious or mystical activity, lack of initiative, ego weakness, practical inefficiency or some kind of inspiration for people like painters, poets or artists.


Sun conjunct Neptune chart example: Dreaming the Future

My first example is Ana, one of my former teammate.  Let’s see the chart!

As you can see, the Sun makes a conjunction with Neptune on the MC, which means is elevated and is more powerful. The power of Neptune should also be increased by the presence of Jupiter there, which acts like an amplifier. On the other side, the two planets are in different signs and some astrologers think that the conjunction has no effects, in this situation. I don’t think so, but we will see.    

How is she?

Physically is a tall person with an athletic body (the normal stature for Capricorn) and with some large, green eyes. The eyes have something special, I can`t express this clear, but I would say they are strangely hypnotic. I am pretty sure this is the mark of Neptune

About her behavior, I can say it is an ambitious person, active, assertive, implicated in the social life, with very good results at school. Like any person with the Sun in Capricorn it was very present on the social life, both at school and after school. At school it was the chief of the class, she had initiative and liked to organize. In her free time she loved going to parties (Moon in Leo, in 5th House, applying to Venus explains that). Anyway, we can’t see here any influence from Neptune. She showed a strong ego, a powerful personality and no implications in religious or mystical activity. So, nothing obvious appeared in day to day life to show the presence of Neptune near the Sun.


Events generated by Sun conjunct Neptune

After we saw there is no regular action to represent this aspect, we will see, instead, some moments when she really felt the results of that configuration.

First and the most important was the dream. When she was young, she had a dream: she entered in a room where was a long table with many persons sitting there. It was strange because nobody had food in front of him, but a glass with honey! After some years, she became a sportive (rower) and, in a morning, while she was at a training, she went to have breakfast. When she entered the room, surprise!, everything was like in the dream she had years ago. The same table and a glass with honey for everyone. “Instantly, I had goosebumps”, she said. I believe you did…

The second event was when she was heading back to her apartment and felt a specific smell (like someone was cooking) on the street. She was living alone, but, when she opened the door, she saw that her mother came to visit her and she was cooking! The same smell (from the street) filled the whole apartment. This time, the surprise was smaller!  

Other little coincidences, noticed by her classmates, were that, many times, when she didn’t come to classes the teacher was missing too. I asked her about that and said: “I don’t know why, I just feel that is not necessary to come”. Good premonitions, if you ask me.



The conclusion is that this aspect does not feel very strong in her life (she does not have any regular activity represented by Neptune), but sometimes strange events happens. Why the influence is not greater? It is hard to say. It could be the fact that the planets are in different signs or, maybe, the moment when this aspect will start to be felt regularly didn’t come yet.

Anyway, in these events, you can easily distinguish the influence of Neptune. It isn’t something calculated, prepared, rational, it is something “felt”. And I put quotes because is not the usual way to feel, is like using a “sixth sense”, feeling instantly, with no explications. Becoming aware of something, but not knowing if it’s real or not. It’s like an uncontrolled leak from the Universe to a person. Something that shouldn’t happen, because, we are not allowed to know those things in advance! Still, some of us have access to such an experience. Why is that possible? An answer could be that this is a way to show them that this Universe is something more than our material world. Because, for many people, this is very hard to believe. And Capricorns are not an exception.