The Moon in astrology

The physical Moon is the only natural satellite of the Earth and the brightest object in the shy, after the Sun.

It is the ruler of Cancer.

Moon meaning in the horoscope:

the processes of nurturing, the way we act with our family, with the close ones, how we act in solitude, emotional and instinctive needs;

– our unconscious, instincts, childhood;

– feelings, emotions, irrational actions.

Strengths for people with a dominant Moon in their horoscope

– strong connection with the family, homeland, mother, roots;

– popularity, kind people, success in politics, sales or other domains where one have to deal with people;

– patience, the ability to create a warm and safe environment from which people can take the power to manifest.

Weaknesses for people with a dominant Moon in their horoscope

– passivity, people who can’t take initiative, people dominated by others;

– hesitation, problems in taking decisions.

Weaknesses for people with a weak Moon in their horoscope

– a family which can’t offer proper nurturing, a difficult or absent mother; 

– people who feel alone, alienated from their home or roots;

– problems to express feelings, difficult relationships, people who express very hard their feelings and who will attach very hard to a partner.

Famous people with a dominant Moon in their horoscope

Penelope Cruz (April 28, 1974 – Moon in Cancer in conjunction with the Ascendant, Mars and Saturn).