The Sun in astrology

The physical Sun gives the energy that enables everything else to exists, the light, the day, the consciousness.

It is the ruler of Leo.

The Sun meaning in the horoscope

Just as the physical Sun, in the horoscope the Sun symbolizes:

– the basic energy of the person; that energy that enables everything else to manifest, the manifestation of all the other processes symbolized by the other planets and aspects of the horoscope are conditioned by the power and type of the basic energy given by the Sun position; 

the processes by which we present ourselves to the exterior (world), our courage, energy, our power to impose on others;

– symbolize the desire to live of a person, love of life;

-the power to change things, to make an individual impact on others, to be noticed;

Strengths for people with a dominant Sun in their horoscope

– confidence, optimism, they will not give up for a second whatever they do;

– energy, courage, strength, stamina;

– leadership, impact on others, a convincing person;

– people with a big hearth who like to help others;

– happiness, games, humor;

– the ability to see the good side of the life, the ability to feel good or to find the beauty of life even on hard times;

– creativity.

Weaknesses for people with a dominant Sun in their horoscope

– arrogant, boastful people who are centered on themselves and over estimating their value;

– bad cooperation with others if they have to work in a team;

– the desire to be always in the center.

Weaknesses for people with a weak Sun in their horoscope

– lack of energy, weak vitality;

– inability to impose on others, to defend one’s personality;

– inability to achieve what potentially one can do, the person may have quality and potential to realize important things, but can’t sustain that endeavor, don’t have the power to impose it to the world;

– lack of confidence;

– weak body, lack of muscle strength, tendency to illness.

Famous people with a dominant Sun in their horoscope

Catalina Ponor (August 20, 1987 – Sun in conjunction with Venus, Mars, Mercury and Regulus in Leo), Jennifer Lopez (July 24, 1969 – Sun in conjunction with Mercury and the Ascendant in Leo), Leonard Cohen (September 21, 1934 – Sun in conjunction with the Ascendant, Venus and Neptune in Virgo).

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