Travel Horoscope

In this horoscope you can find out what changes if you move in a new place or if you just travel in a distant place. Whenever you travel in a new place your natal chart changes and you will have a experience so differently than your home life. Those that travel a lot know this feeling.

With the Travel horoscope you can find out exactly what changes and also if you have to expect to good or less good experiences. A new place it may change your relations with people, your career opportunities, money affairs, your usual activities, health etc.

Foreign settlement horoscope

Also, you can make this horoscope before a foreign settlement. In this way, you can be aware of the changes that a foreign country will bring in your life.

How Do I Order a Reading?

Send an email or use theĀ contact form. Send the birth date (date and hour of birth, location), the place and period when you travel, your questions and also some details about the situation in order to understand the context.

Thanks for understanding!

Price and Payment

The price for Travel Horoscope is 25 $.

You can make the payment in Paypal account: astrolog @ (remove spaces to create a working email).