Venus in astrology

The physical Venus is the second planet from the Sun which makes her to be the second brightest natural object on the night sky after the Moon.

It is the ruler of Taurus and Libra.   

Venus meaning in the horoscope:

– love, the type of person we will love, how we manifest our love, how we get in love, what we love;

– friends, relations, how we relate with others;

– beauty, creativity, fun, happiness, how we enjoy life; 

– music, art, dance;

– harmony;

– the process represented by Venus makes people unite in order to create a better, complete manifestation and is opposed to the force represented by Mars which is a processes which separates;

Strengths for people with a dominant Venus in their horoscope

– sociable, friendly people;

– people who express very well their feelings, their love;

– popularity, people with a good image among others;

– people who know to feel good, to have fun;

– talented people in artistic activities (dance, music, painting etc.);

– people who feel they are loved and have a beautiful, pleasant life.

Weaknesses for people with a dominant Venus in their horoscope

– passivity, people who will not take initiative, but wait for the others to act;

– excessively fond of luxury and comfort, irresponsibility, to expect that all life to be a beautiful game, like a continuous party;

– fond for cheap, but glossy things; kitsch products;

– people who have many friends, but don’t have love.

Weaknesses for people with a weak Venus in their horoscope

– they express very hard their feelings, love;

– problems to have relations, difficulties in relations;

– they don’t appreciate much a relation and don’t realize the importance of love in life; also they will not appreciate the people they relate with as much as it should and this will bring problems in the relation;

– loneliness.

Famous people with a dominant Venus in their horoscope

Bill Clinton (August 19, 1946 – Ascendant in Libra with Venus, Jupiter and Mars, the Moon in Taurus), Whitney Houston (August 9, 1963 – Sun with Venus in Leo), Paulo Coelho (August 24, 1947 – Venus in Leo with Mercury and Sun).

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